Top Tips To Survive January!

Christmas is over.  The New Year celebrations are behind us…here are some top tips to get through January!

  • Resolutions – Everyone’s moto in January is to save money, exercise more, eat healthier and spend more quality time with the people we love.  This doesn’t have to mean you can’t leave the house and all you can eat are vegetables!  Why not organise friends to come round for a dinner party, challenge your friends to a healthy cooking competition or use the Wii for some fun games.
  • Wardrobe Rehab – With all those new Christmas presents and with a new year in front of you, why not have a clear out!  Organise your bedroom or lounge.  This will help you feel more organised and give you a clear mind.
  • Fake it till you make it – You might be feeling down or stressed out by work and commitments, but try walking tall and holding your head high.  By doing this you will feel better straight away.  Your brain will think you’re more upbeat, releasing feel-good chemicals, and voila, you do actually feel happier!
  • Go herbal – Herbal teas and natural products will make you feel better than piling on the junk food and fizzy pop.  Herbal, green and peppermint teas will help to hydrate as well as boost your immune system.
  • Get planning -Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, use the dark and miserable days to plan activities, fun trips & cosy days in for the whole year!  Then whenever the stresses of life get you down, take a peek at the list and get look forward to all of the fun things you have planned.