Happy: to strengthen a feeling of happiness; to uplift your mood, to invigorate your mind, to tingle your senses.

Think Happy. Live Happy. Be Happy

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Inspire: to exhale deeply, to breathe life; to refresh and revitalise your mind.

Think Inspire. Live Inspire. Be Inspire

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Lovely: to create a feeling of calm and loveliness; to relax and be joyful in the moment.

Think Lovely. Live Lovely. Be Lovely

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Divine: to create a feeling of utter relaxation and peacefulness; to de-stress, calm and soothe.

Think Divine. Live Divine. Be Divine

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Dream: to be perfectly at peace with oneself; to feel rested, relaxed and dreamlike.

Think Dream. Live Dream. Be Dream

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Mood Collection Gift Set

This Mood Collection Gift Box contains one of each of the 10cl Mood Candles. This beautifully presented gift set represents The Harrogate Candle Company’s unique daily regime of aromatherapy candles to enhance specific moods at different times of the day. These hand poured candles have been made using a unique blend of essential oils and the finest blend of natural and soy wax to create an even, clean burn and ensure an enhanced fragrance throw.

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