Fragrance Sample Pack


Choose 4 fragrances you’d like to try & we will send them out to you.

Want to experience our stunning fragrances & decide which are your favourites before you commit to buying a product?

Choose from:

HAPPY – Stimulate your mind and awaken your senses to the fresh and vibrant fragrance of Happy. A perfect fusion of zesty limes and warming black pepper oil carry you to a place of happiness and contentment.

INSPIRE – Evoke a feeling of positivity and stir your mind into action with the refreshing and revitalising Inspire fragrance. Our blend of Eucalyptus, Geranium, and Orange Blossom provides the ideal combination to inspire a day of happy thoughts and a feeling of well-being.

LOVELY – Smell the beautiful aroma of our Lovely fragrance. The delicate balance between the refreshing pink pepper oil and the soothing rose oil creates a delightful floral fragrance designed to stimulate, soothe and comfort.

DIVINE – Fall in to a Divine world.  Dark Amber and Sandalwood combine perfectly to create a rich, sensual fragrance that fills your senses, and your home, and provides the perfect ambience for you to relax and unwind after the stresses of the day. So, sit back, unwind and give in to relaxation.

DREAM – Slide into a Dream like mood. The calming effects of Vanilla Musk blended with the relaxing properties of Lavender are a perfect aid for you to unwind after a busy day.  To create that ‘look-after’ state of mind, simply relax and let the Dream fragrance caress your cares away.

ORANGE & CINNAMON – The sweet, juicy scent of orange and the soothing and calming properties of Cinnamon and Clove create a happy feeling of contentment and relaxation. So, why not let this aromatic blend of fruits and spices set the scene for the coming season when happy memories are created.

ENTICE – Enhance your mood and excite your senses with this enticing blend of fresh crisp White Tea & Pear. Rich and tingly, this fragrance is beautiful for any room in your home, and for simply spritzing up your life.

HARMONY – Centre yourself with the calming notes of lemon and cedar and the balancing deep notes of frankincense. Our beautiful Harmony fragrance is simply pleasing to the soul.

DESIRE – Drift into a sensual and deep state of mind with the alluring fragrance of Oud & Jasmine. Rich with the Arabian scent of Oud and blended with jasmine and rose, this fragrance is truly indulgent and very desirable.

You will receive 1 card & 2 wax melts for each chosen fragrance



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Want to experience our stunning fragrances & decide which are your favourites before you commit to buying a product?! Then select 4 fragrance you’d like to try and we will send them to you to try out.

Each fragrance has been carefully designed to enhance your mood and your home, using only the finest blends of pure essential oils.