Hand Sanitiser

Stay safe out there with our beautiful geranium, eucalyptus and orange infused, luxury Hand Sanitiser Spray. Formulated in accordance with the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines, our 80% alcohol hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Not only that, but it is beautifully moisturising and refreshing, giving you a luxurious boost of confidence to tackle the world and stay safe.

Our Maxi & Mini hand sanitiser bottles are a perfect combo. The Maxi bottle can stay at home to protect yourselves and your visitors, and the Mini one can be refilled and carried in your bag, car, school bag, evening bag, coat pocket, babybag… The perfect combo. Presented in beautiful glass bottles, these are also recyclable.

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Luxury, aromatherapy home fragrance collection made using blends of pure essential oils. Each one of our exquisite fragrances has been individually designed to enhance your mood and your home.

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