Day & Night 20cl Candle Duo


Whether you’re studying for exams or working from home, create the perfect environment to maximise your productivity.

Enjoy the perfect duo of our Inspire & Dream 20cl candles to allow you to tailor your mood & surroundings…& SAVE ££!

Light our Inspire candle during the day to focus your mind, provide motivation & uplift your senses! Our blend of Eucalyptus, Geranium, and Orange Blossom provides the ideal combination to inspire a day of happy thoughts and a feeling of well-being. Surrender your anxiety and feel energised; feel inspired.

Then after a hard day, light our Dream candle to calm your mind and allow yourself to unwind & drift away into a restful nights sleep.  The calming effects of Vanilla Musk blended with the relaxing properties of Lavender are a perfect aid for you to unwind after a busy day.  To create that ‘look-after’ state of mind, simply relax and let the Dream fragrance caress your cares away.

These hand poured candles have been made using a unique blend of essential oils and the finest blend of natural and soy wax to create a beautifully even and clean burn and to ensure an enhanced fragrance throw. Elegantly packaged, these candles will make a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one, and an even better treat for yourself.

Size: 2 x 20cl (burn time of 28-30 hrs)

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“A candle is simply a candle: it’s what you do when it’s lit that counts.” Fiona Carr, Director HCC

A lighted candle gives an inner feeling of warmth, contentment and happiness. Each of our exquisite aromatherapy candles is perfectly designed to enhance your mood and your home.

Pure essential oils combined with the finest blend of natural and soy wax work together in harmony to create your perfect candle.

Start your fragrance journey today. If you’re looking for a perfect gift: why not look at our Gift Sets?

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