Let’s Talk Candle Production!

So many people ask us if we make our own candles & how we go about manufacturing them.

We thought it would be interesting to share an insight into Dome of Harrogate, so grab a cuppa & have a read!

The Wax…Our Liquid Gold

All of our candles are made using our beautiful vegan, natural wax.  We trialled lots of different types of waxes and we found this particular one creates the best fragrance throw & the cleanest burn.
Our wax is melted using our industrial wax melters, before the fragrance is gently stirred in and blended at the optimum temperature

The Wicks…tricky little customers!

It’s not just as simple as popping a wick into the glass. Our chosen wicks are natural cotton wicks, with the perfect braid to work with our essential oil blend fragrances and our chosen wax. As these are cotton wicks, they are also better for the environment 
We secure the wicks centrally in our glassware, before pouring, to ensure they stay in place. By having a central wick it creates a perfect, even burn across the surface of our candles.

Pouring…slowly & gently

Once the fragrance has been added to the melted wax, we then carefully pour our candles by hand. 
We find this ensures the utmost care & attention is given to each individual product. We pride ourselves on quality & attention to detail.

Trimming The Wick…almost done!

The next phase is to trim the wick to 5mm, before we lovingly polish & inspect each individual candle.
We then quality check the final product, before boxing & packaging.

Then its all ready to be posted out to its new owner…could that be you?!

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