Let’s Talk Fragrance Notes!

When describing fragrances, you might have heard references to top, middle and base notes. What do they mean?

Fragrance notes can be used to to describe the dynamics of a scent, from the first sniff to when the candle is lit for a while.

Top Notes

When you first smell a fragrance, these are the top notes you instantly notice. For example, Lime, Eucalyptus & Orange etc

Middle Notes

The middle notes are the main body of the fragrance and are sometimes referred to as the heart notes. When lighting a candle, it can take 15-20 mins for the middle notes to develop. Middle notes are the most prominent set of notes in the fragrance oil. For example, Rose, Lavender & Geranium etc.

Bottom Notes

The base notes add depth to the scent and are often what leaves you with a final lasting impression of the fragrance. For example Sandalwood & Vanilla etc